Exam Management Software

Managing all your exam data and results is going to be a tedious tasks with paper. Transform your exam management to digital platform to store all your exam data and reports.

Exam Creation

Create multiple exams for several subjects. Create exams for individual subjects for desired class. Options to create exam schedule and allocate rooms for exams. Students would be notified on the exam schedule once created.

Exam attendance module

Exam Attendance & Mark register

Easy to use Attendance Wizard to mark student’s attendance for exams. Once attendance is recorded, teacher can enter the students mark for the exam in the Mark Register module in Edfish. Automatic Grades and Percentages would be applied after Mark has been registered for exams.

Automated Calculation & Reports

Eliminate manual error in mark calculation and grade updation. Edfish makes your work easier with automated mark calculation and assigning grades based on marks. Pre-configured reports for Merit List, Mark Sheet, Tabulation Sheet and Progress Card.

Question Bank

Always students look for question bank during exams. Edfish Question Bank module allows you to easily create question bank for your subjects which the students can refer at any time. Options to group your questions for easy allocations.

Edfish App