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Covering all main areas of your school management

Manage all your school activities in a single click from everywhere. Don't worry about slow loading speed or storage access anymore

Faster Loading Speed

Faster loading speed of app pages making you take
actions in a faster rate

Improved User Experience/Interfaces

Switch to a modern user interface
making you to take actions easily with no hussles.

Streamlining your school process

Have a look at the most fascinating solution for your school activities. No more worry on getting lost with data of your school

School ERP Features

Below are the list of main features in Edfish School ERP software.



Options to update homeworks for classes subject wise. Get detailed report on homework submission.

school erp communication module


Options to communicate with staff and parents via SMS/Email. Share your messages individually/group

school erp fee management module

Fee Management

Record all your fee collectibles in Edfish. Get reminded on unpaid dues and easy allocation of concessions.

school erp exam management module

Exam Management

Options to manage your examinations and allocate marks to students. Automatic allocation of grades and marks

Accounts and Expenses

Have a track of your expenses in school and get detailed report of your profit and revenue.


Options to add bus routes and assign students for the specific routes with alloted bus at ease.

Human Resources

Mange your staffs and allocate leave. General payroll at a single click.


Allocate leaves and record student/staff attendance at few clicks. Generate attendance reports.


No more worries in generating reports and dashboard of your school data. We got you covered with a unified report system

Custom reports

Option to create a custom report with your data in the school app with a customized builder.

Category Wise Reports

In built report category wise for students, staff, attendance, fees and accounts, mark sheets and more..

Access the ERP with our mobile app

Edfish School Application is available in both iOS and Android Platform. Parents can do multiple operations starting from viewing school circulars, Homeworks, attendance and fee payment

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Get role based logins for students, teachers, administrators, accounts, library and front desk

Dedicated dashboard and functionality for each user type. Protect your information the right way by restrictions

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